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Fireworks Led Strip Lights

September 25, 2021

Latest company news about Fireworks Led Strip Lights

Fireworks Led Strip Lights


Fireworks light is a new type of simulated landscape light, using neon bulb solid light-emitting devices, the conversion rate of electricity and light is close to 100%. The heat generation is very low, the life is long, there is no filament, it is safe and reliable, and it is resistant to shock and vibration. What is difficult to achieve with all other light sources is the outstanding performance of fireworks lights. It also has the characteristics of environmental protection, long life and beautiful appearance. The tree pole blades are made of artificial materials, the light source is LED, and the height is generally 3-6 meters. It is widely used in squares, courtyards, leisure squares, lobbies and other places. Its energy-saving and durable characteristics make up for the shortcomings of traditional landscape lamps, and it is a revolutionary product of similar lamps.

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